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App Navigation

Access the various features of Mouseaddict using the Drawer. Tap or drag the Drawer icon at the top left of the screen to expose the Drawer.


Fireworks Anytime
Tap anywhere over Sleeping Beauty Castle to launch fireworks. Shells are launched from ground level directly below your tap. Santa Ana winds may affect your shells’ trajectory! And during Holiday Time, give your device a shake for a festive touch.

HoJo Anaheim
Tap the ad at the bottom of the screen to learn more about our sponsor, who generously makes this app available for you at no charge.


Tap Search to find almost anything in the Disneyland Resort. Tap a category to find matching locations on the map; or type in your own search term to find something specific.

Category Search
Tapping a category will drop pins on the map for all matching locations. Tap a pin for more detailed information, including accessibility, trivia, menus, showtime or wait time, dining reservation, and more.

Freeform Search
Search for anything, such as:

  • The name of an attraction, location or even a person: “Rolly Crump” or “Radiator Springs”
  • Categories such as “pins” or “restrooms”
  • Food items such as “pasta” or “salmon”
  • Terms such as “fastpass” or “princess”
  • Characters such as “Ariel” or “Mickey”
  • To see a list of all locations within a certain land, search for a land name such as “Tomorrowland.”

Tap a result for detailed information, including accessibility, trivia, menus, showtimes or wait time, dining reservations, and more.


Use the map to find your way around the Disneyland Resort, see what areas are the most crowded, or search for a specific location.

Search Tap the Search icon to find locations by category or to type in a specific search term.

Tap the View icon to change the map view. You can choose the built-in resort map or others that download automatically when a data connection is available — such as a 1995 aerial view of Disneyland.

The Crowd Overlay icon toggles the Crowd Level overlay, which indicates areas of crowding around the resort — yellow areas indicate moderate crowds, and red indicates heavy crowds. For example, this map shows large crowds (in red) at the Radiator Springs Racers entrance:

Crowd Map

Tap the Locate icon to center the map on your position. This icon is only functional when you are located within the Disneyland Resort.

Each location is marked by a red pin. Tap the pin to see the name of the location, then tap the blue Info icon to learn more about it.

Information varies, including a photo, wait time (if available), height restrictions, reservation information and dining prices, accessibility tips, and more. Some locations may allow you to call for dining reservations (iPhone only), report wait times, get menus or set reminders.

Wait Times

The Wait Times screen shows current crowd levels and wait times for your current park. On a small screen, swipe to the right to view Disneyland and to the left to view California Adventure. When you are at the Disneyland Resort, you will automatically see the information for the park you are in.

Crowd Levels
Addictometer Crowd LevelsThe Addictometer™ crowd level display is designed to report how busy the park feels rather than a static attendance number. The meter shows levels in real time, and will fluctuate throughout the day as crowds in the walkways grow and ebb.

Wait Times
Wait times are displayed in estimated minutes and by colored bars, so that you can easily compare the busiest and least busy attractions at a glance down the list. Short green bars indicate the shortest waits and red bars indicate the longest.

To augment our wait time accuracy, you are invited to report your own time spent in the queue. Simply tap the wait bar to report your time.

To learn more about an attraction, tap its name.


The Schedule screen shows information related to daily park hours, news, and scheduled events.

To view Disneyland schedules, swipe to the right. For California Adventure, swipe to the left. When you are at the Disneyland Resort, you will automatically see the information for the park you are in.

You can view events up to two weeks in advance. To choose a day to view, tap the Calendar icon at the top right. This list also displays Annual Passport blackouts.

News & Notes shows information such as special events and attraction closures.

Showtimes lists times for daily entertainment and events. Showtimes which have passed are grayed out. For more details about an event, tap it. This list includes regularly scheduled entertainment, and special events may not be included. Pick up an Entertainment Times Guide at the main gates for more information.


Tomorrowplan offers crowd projections for the next two weeks.

When activated, the daily estimate of resort crowd levels will appear on the Schedule page. To see all two weeks of projections, tap Tomorrowplan in the Drawer.

This feature may be activated by way of an In-App Purchase. Once purchased, the feature will be activated on all devices using the same Apple ID.


Access content from MiceChat, the leading Disney, theme park, and family travel discussion board and community.

MiceChat Members can access the latest site content, including Dateline Disneyland, In The Parks and much more.

Reminders and FastPasses

You can set alarms to remind you of shows you want to see, dining reservations, and FastPass return times.

  • Choose the reminder type: FastPass, Entertainment/Shows, or Dining.
  • Choose the location for the reminder. You are presented with a list of locations that match the type of reminder.
  • Choose the date and time. If you choose Entertainment, you can pick from scheduled showtimes. For FastPass and dining, you can choose your own time.
  • Choose an alert sound.
  • Choose when the alert should appear, up to 2 hours in advance.

Your reminder appears in the Drawer, and a red badge on the Mouseaddict homescreen icon shows the number of reminders you have set. When the alarm time arrives, you will be notified by the sound you picked and a notification on your screen.

Reminders that are no longer active will automatically delete themselves at the end of the day. To delete a reminder manually, swipe across it from right to left.


Tap the Mary Poppins umbrella to view Disneyland Resort weather forecasts for the coming week. The forecast for Disneyland is displayed in the Drawer when a network connection is available.


MousekechatAccess our unique chat system to communicate with other Mouseaddict users, both inside and outside of the parks. Chat messages in Mousekechat are not posted to MiceChat, but a valid, free MiceChat membership is required.

The Mousekechat system shows a live, running log of chat messages from everyone using the system. All messages are displayed to all users. Abusive or inappropriate content of any kind is not allowed on Mousekechat. Users who abuse the system may be banned.

Mouse Ears Users with mouse ears are currently located within the Disneyland Resort.

How to chat
Tap the Chat Message field. A keyboard will appear. To send your message, press Return or tap the “Send” button. Emoji characters are supported in Mousekechat.

Enable Push Notifications
Mousekechat can use the Push function of your device to update the chat screen. This uses less cellular data and is faster. You can allow Push Notifications in your device Settings, under Notification Center. Change “Alert Style” to “Banners.”

Note: Logging in and out too quickly in succession may lock your account. This is a security mechanism on the MiceChat site. If you are locked out, please quit the Mouseaddict app: double-tap your device home button, then swipe Mouseaddict upward in the recent apps interface. Relauch Mouseaddict and log in again.

For MiceChat support, please visit


Mouseaddict automatically updates its internal database with refurbishments, new photos, and more.

When there are database updates available and your device has a network connection, Mouseaddict will download changed information and photos in the background while you use the app. If you have a device without mobile data capability (such as iPod or iPad), simply use the app on Wifi for a few minutes before you leave for the parks to ensure you have the latest showtimes and other information.

Some features, such as Mousekechat, Wait Times, and Crowd Mapping are not available when there is no network connection.

To find out when Mouseaddict last updated its database, tap the Info icon in the Drawer.

On days when the park is crowded, cellular networks may become congested. Any apps will have trouble accessing the network. Please be patient on busy days as Mouseaddict does not have any control over the mobile carrier networks.


Access Mouseaddict settings using the Settings app on your iOS device.

Map Settings
You can choose to use Metric measurements.

Application Settings
You can completely reset the data in the app using the “Reset Data Files” option. Use this only if the app is corrupted or not behaving normally. (Before using reset functions, be sure to “quit” the app in the Recent Apps interface.)

About Location Services
Mouseaddict uses a special location function called geofencing, indicated by a hollow Location Services icon in the status bar. This special type of location service does not run constantly, and will not cause excessive battery drain.

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