From Addict Labs | The interactive guide for the Disneyland® Resort in Southern California

The interactive guide to Disneyland and California Adventure for iPhone and iPad.

Avoid the traffic.

Addictometer puts color-coded crowd levels right on the map.

Green means go.

See current waits at a glance in both minutes and colors. Tap a bar to report your own.

Don't miss a thing.

See upcoming showtimes and set reminders — up to two weeks in advance.

Everything. At a glance.

Our new interface puts features, reminders, weather, and more under your thumb.

MiceChatMiceChat from Main Street
Mouseaddict features content from MiceChat — the leading Disney, theme park and family travel discussion board and community. MiceChat is the recognized leader for information on Disneyland, Walt Disney World, the Walt Disney Company and top theme parks worldwide.

Sign in with your MiceChat username — or join up for free — and read the latest news, photos, tips and tricks for a successful trip to the Disneyland Resort! You can also chat live with other members, read private messages from MiceChat forum users, get the latest from MiceChat blogs like Dateline Disneyland and news columns like MiceAge — and many more.

AddictometerKeep tabs on the crowds
With just a glance, our patent-pending Addictometer shows you how crowded the parks feel, not just how many people are there. Our amazing Crowd Map shows you the bottlenecks anywhere in the resort — color-coded and overlaid right on the map! And our unique design let you quickly scan all wait times at once, in minutes or by our color-coded bars, to find the shortest lines and help plan your next move. You can even report your own wait times to help us help you.

Details, details
Browse more than five dozen categories of attractions, food, shopping and services! Mouseaddict makes it easy to find your way everywhere in the Disneyland® Resort. Whether you’re looking for the closest corn dog, the wait time for Radiator Springs Racers or the nearest place to get some cash, just a tap will reveal the locations around you.

BreakfastFuel up
Mouseaddict includes menus for your favorite dining locations around the resort. Search for your favorite food, and results are shown right on the map. You can even tap to call for preferred seating and set reservation reminders.

Look into the future
Our scheduling and reminder system lets you view park hours, blockout dates, parades, and shows for a full two weeks — and set reminders for dining reservations, showtimes and FastPass®.

Turn back time
Turn back timeView Disneyland from 1955 to the present! Using GPS, find out what historic attraction used to occupy this spot and read about park history at Yesterland. Get a closer look at the commemorative windows on Main Street and learn about the talented people behind the creation of Disneyland. We’ve even included historic map views to take you back in time!


Made for iOS 7
Mouseaddict is written to take advantage of the new technologies in iOS, including super-efficient background fetching that keeps everything up to date and saves power.

When you’re at the Disneyland Resort, you’ll see schedule and wait time information for the park you’re standing in. Automagically. Want to see what’s happening across the Esplanade? Just swipe across the screen to reveal the other park.

Plan more
We’ve doubled the amount of schedule information — you can now see into the future for two weeks. Set reminders weeks in advance!

See more
Mouseaddict is designed to be beautiful and easy to use, without annoying distractions. Just a tap shows a complete list of everything Mouseaddict has to offer. You can also see your reminders, Fastpasses, and today’s weather at a glance — from anywhere in the app. We’ve uncluttered the screen even more, increased the size of the photos in location details, enlarged the map, brightened the interface, and made everything easier to see and read.

Find more
There are new categories to search, including Vegetarian, Accessibility, Sandwiches, and many more. Or search for anything using freeform text — from menus to people, places to things. And our new search is easier to use than ever.

Automagic updatesUp to date, automagically
When a network connection is available, Mouseaddict automatically updates with new locations, photos and schedules. When other apps are out of date, Mouseaddict has the latest information.

Fireworks every day
We’ve included a little something extra to keep the kids (and the young at heart) entertained in long attraction queues. Just watch out for those unpredictable Santa Ana winds!